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Notice of Race – World Record Attempt 2024

The Prince of Speed – World Record Attempt 2024 is a private Event organize at Plage du Rouet from 1st June to 30th June.

Limited places: 20

Records can be ratified in the categories recognized by WSSRC: 

10 Sq. m. Division (up to and including 10 sq.m) (The Windsurfer division)
A Division (from 10 sq.m (107.6 sq.ft) up to and inc. 150 sq.ft [13.93 sq.m]). 
B Division (from 150 sq.ft up to and inc. 235 sq.ft [21.84 sq.m])
C Division (from 235 sq.ft up to and inc. 300 sq.ft [27.88 sq.m])
D Division (over 300 sq.ft)
a division for Sailboards with kite sails [no sail area divisions]
a division for Sailboards with wing sails [no sail area divisions]

The course can be 501m and/or 1853m 

Very Important:

To bring your photographer or video maker you mast be in agreement with the organizer

To share your GPS track to another event you mast be in agreement with the organizer

It means: ask by mail and your ask could be accepted or refused.

If you don’t respect one of those rules you could have a fine of 10.000 euro and even lose your record.

The entry fees:

1575 euro till 27 May.

2500 euro after the 27 may.

3000 euro for registration directly on the beach on a windy day.

When your score is a potential record, you need to wait that the time keeper and the WSSRC Commissioner sign the claim before to claim the record.

To say I did the record you have to wait the official ratification by WSSRC and in your media you mast write for example World Record Claimed: subject to the official ratification of the WSSRC.

The Organization is not responsible if the weather is not good for record or if the video timing system some moment doesn’t work for technical issues, lack of satellite or other outdoor situations.

You need to sign 2 waiver form: 1 from WSSRC and one from the organizer 

Record certificate will be delivered by WSSRC few months later.