SPEED SAILING RULES For Plage du Rouet, La Palme , Aude, Occitanie:

Speed Sailing is an Extreme sport.

Rules at Rouet are important to make live the Dream of everybody…. happy and safe!

It’s already 3 years that the State want to close the access to the beach… we still have the privilege to arrive by car near the water… we need to appreciate it and respect the basic rule of education. And we have to be proud that our President  made it possible.

Each discipline and each spot has his own rules… here something concerning Speed Sailing at Rouet:

1) It is forbidden to stand in the water near the beach along the 2km run at Plage du Rouet when some rider is on the run. Especially in strong wind day and in the day with a deeper angle.

if you are not in the run please stay out of the water.

2) We don’t have to sail back near the beach when some rider is on the run. The Rider on the run has the priority.

3) In the Summer (around 15 June to 15 September) there are yellow Buoys on the left and right of Rouet. Both zones are swimming areas. It’s forbidden to sail inside this area between 10am and 7pm. Sailing in this area will give some additional power to those who want to close this beach ! 

4) We have to respect the queue: when you go back to the departure you cannot start at the first good gust if other riders are already waiting and they want to go: “snaking job” is not correct. 

5) It is no possible to jibe and go back in the run in front of other riders that they are trying to start.

6) when we sail back to the departure we don’t have to stop in front of some other rider who is ready to start and, anyway, he is in the queue before us.

7)When we walk back, the board can stay in the water (with the fin down!!) and the rider have to walk on the beach; if someone is doing his run close to the beach we have to put the sail down and try to keep the board more dry is possible. If someone cannot hold the sail or the board for strong wind,  he has to go out of  the water to don’t risk to impact the riders on the run with his gear in case of crash or whatever.

8) It’s a good thing to say hello when we enter in the water or on the beach and there are already other people.

9) Doing our best doesn’t means try to disturb other riders: who play unfair game will be invited to go out of the beach straight away.

10) It is forbidden to come from the outside directly in the run of other people

11) when we stop on the beach after the run we need to watch back if anybody is coming, in order to avoid to cut the road…

12) when we start we need to watch back and in front to see if someone is already starting.

13) the rider who is injured or he feels bad, for sure can overtake the rules for his safety and he can do the classic sign crossing the 2 arms to show his condition.

14) the rider who will not respect many times the rules, he will not be welcome in our spot.

15) everybody can ask to respect the rules and in case be free to explain them …

16) Have fun!! Dream big!!

Forever Speed!!