POS 500 m Race: 2 days during the waiting period 3 June – 1 July 2019

Nautical Mile World Record Attempt: all the others windy days during 3 June – 1 July 2019

Video Timing Equipe: Forever Speed Vision

POS: powered by Forever Speed is the World Speed Tour 2019

Vincent Valkenaers
Marine Tlattla
Heidi Ulrich
Roberto Douglas
500m and Nautical Mile World Record Attempt + unofficial records WST approved
Plage du Rouet - Open OceanRecords Claimed are subject to WSSRC Ratification
KnightsSailWSSRC Records ClaimedSpeedTime GMTDay
1Roberto DouglasUSA-55World Record Nautical Mile Kite39.04 kts8:29:166/10/19
2Roberto DouglasUSA-55Outright USA Record NM39.04 kts8:29:166/10/19
3Heidi UlrichSUI-204Outright Woman World Record Nautical Mile37.62 kts11:38:516/10/19
4Heidi UlrichSUI-204Outright Woman Swiss Necord NM37.62 kts11:38:516/10/19
5Marine TlattlaFRA-27World Record Nautical Mile Woman Kite35.41 kts10:34:246/10/19
6Marine TlattlaFRA-27Outright French Record NM Woman35.41 kts10:34:246/10/19
7Marine TlattlaFRA-27World Record Nautical Mile Woman Kite35.86 kts9:43:556/22/19
8Marine TlattlaFRA-27Outright French Record NM Woman35.86 kts9:43:556/22/19
9Sylvain HoceiniFRA-53French Record NM kite38.47 kts10:40:386/10/19
10Jochen BockGER-36German Record NM Kite37.29 kts11:47:366/10/19
11Birgit HoeferGER-117Outright German Record 500m Woman38.03 kts8:54:086/10/19
12Birgit HoeferGER-117Outright German Record NM Woman30.95 kts8:54:086/10/19
13Enrico GiordanoITA-46Italian Record 500m kite41.26 kts12:24:316/10/19
15Pep BonetE- 18Outright Spanish Record NM39.48 kts9:28:406/22/19
16Katsuro NagaiJPN 77Outright Japanese Record NM35.20 kts10:12:056/22/19
14Sufyan SettiDZ-2Algerian Record 500m windsurf36.69 kts12:04:226/10/19
17Djamel AklitDZ-1Outright Algerian Record NM20.80 Kts15:35:386/28/19
18Sufyen SettiDZ-2Outright Algerian Record NM26.94 Kts16:06:466/28/19
Unofficial Records (WST approved)
19Roberto DouglasUSA-55500m Open Ocean Record kite46.96 kts13:36:396/10/19
20Roberto DouglasUSA-55Outright USA Open Ocean Record 500m46.96 kts13:36:396/10/19
21Vincent ValkenaersBEL-62500m Open Ocean Record Windsurf46.93 kts12:25:076/10/19
22Vincent ValkenaersBEL-62Outright Belgium Open Ocean 500m46.93 kts12.25.076/10/19
23Jacques Van Der HoutNED-35500m Open Ocean Record Windsurf45.47 kts10.22.206/10/19
24Jacques Van Der HoutNED-35Outright Dutch Open Ocean 500m45.47 kts10.22.206/10/19
25Marine TlattlaFRA-27Outright 500m Open Ocean Record Woman40.47 kts12:13:246/10/19
26Marine TlattlaFRA-27Outright French Open Ocean record Woman 500m40.47 kts12:13:246/10/19
27Thierry BielakFRA-44French Opean Ocean Record Windsurf 500m44.48 kts11:58:386/10/19
28Christian ArnoldSUI-203Outright Swiss Opean Ocean Record 500m43.72 kts10:20:036/10/19
29Thorsten LuigGER-211Outright German Opean Ocean Record 500m43.19 kts11:59:086/10/19
30Pep BonetE-18Outright Spanish Opean Ocean Record 500m42.91 kts10:10:316/10/19
31Chris BalloisFRA-99Outright Handi Record Open Ocean 500m40.00 kts11:55:346/10/19
32Heidi UlrichSUI-204Outright Swiss Opean Ocean Record Woman 500m39.18 kts11:37:406/10/19
33Birgit HoeferGER-117Outright German Open Ocean Record Woman 500m38.03 kts8:54:086/10/19
34Sufyan SettiDZ-2Outright Algerian Open Ocean Record 500m36.69 kts12:04:226/10/19
NM = Nautical Mile ; Outright: all categories: boat, kite, windsurf
Jacques van der Hout
Thierry Bielak