What we need to be accepted to WST competition and/or WST Record Attempt:

  1. Be able to water-start and reach 30kts speed…
  2. Be member of WST and FFvoile through WST
  3. Pre register 7 month before the Event and pay the event fees 3 Months before the Event (or when it will be request).
  4. Respect the Speed Sailing Rules during the year in free sailing. The rider who is not able to sail in safe way (for himself and for the others) and he will not respect the Speed Rules, he will be not accepted to attempt our Race.
  5. The Organization can refuse a rider in case of: fully booked event; moral issues; safety reason; not respecting Speed Rules of WST and gentleman agreement; other reasons.
  6. The riders to take part to our World Record Attempt have to provide to the organization the passport and they have to sign the waiver form of WSSRC and WST before to start the Event.
  7. The riders to take part to our World Record Attempt must provide an accurate list of the material they will use during the record attempt which must be validated by the organization.
    It is forbidden to enter in the race area with material not validated by the organization.

Gentleman Agreement: for the WST members, Prince of Speed knights and other WST Event knights:

  1. All the images taken during the event (doesn’t matter who took the photos/ videos) have to be publish with the logo of the event and # and @ of the event , paying attention that the name of the event will be linked (if you click on it should open the link).
  2. Who want to bring some photograph, needs to be in agreement with the Event organizer (who can accept or refuse) to manage the way to work.
  3. Also the publication of photo and video taken after the event , to show award or records of other things about the event , have to be published with event Logo.
  4. Who attempt some WSSRC record, can claim the record only after the Time Keeper and the Observer WSSRC sign the record and the rider have to write: “ subject to ratification by WSSRC”, this until the record it will be ratified.
  5. Being WST member means that we are engaged to promote the clean sport valor and to promote the image and footage and the “image in general” of the WST Events in order to arrive to reach better sponsor for the event and better “life” for the Knights and for the Organizers.
  6. The WST knight is engaged to don’t do anything that can influence in negative way the image of WST or of the WST Event (for the moment there is Prince of Speed).
  7. If it will come other page or group or event similar to some WST event or in the same location, or in concurrence with WST activity, to take part in it the knight have to be in agreement with the President of WST (who can accept or refuse).
  8. If a knight would like to take part in gps event with the track of the WST race , he needs to be in agreement with WST Event Organizer (who can accept or refuse) and follow the WST rule in order of it: mention the WST Event, the Organizer, the date, the name of the event and put the logo of the Event and, in case it will be requested , the logos of the main sponsors. And be sure the gps event organizer will do the same.
  9. The Event organizer work under stress trying his best for their Knights. It could be nice to let him work relax. Any idea of improvement or advice it will be well accepted by mail after the race.
  10. Not respecting the gentleman agreement could make lose the membership WST and or it may you cost a fine and in extreme case invalidate some records (in some situation the records could be not signed).

Wishing all the best to our Knights,

Forever Speed !

World Speed Tour – Prince of Speed