Name: Antoine

Surname: Albeau   

Sail Number: F192

Age: 46

Size: 186cm

Sponsors: Neilpryde, Quiksilver, Charente Maritime, Ile de Ré, Campings de l’Atlantique, SellSy

Media:, FB Antoine Albeau F192, Insta antoinealbeau

Best Result: 25 X World Champion !! World Windsurfing Record 53.27kts on 500mt WSSRC

Goal: 100KM/H on the windsurf

Motto: my family and the power of the ocean

Why you would like to take part in the Prince of Speed: to go more fast and promote the speed in windsurfing, I love the sensation of going as fast as I can on the water with my board.

What do you think about Plage du Rouet: Plage du Rouet is unbelievable because it can be perfect for speed, the Tram is coming straight on the spot to give us power with the sail and make us fly on the water; it is also super important that the access is amazing because we can come with the van on the beach and start preparing all the windsurfing gear and just walk on the water.