Name: Principe

Surname: Baldini

Sail Number: ITA 223

Age: 50

Size: 178cm x 88kg

Sponsors: Grand Narbonne, RtechsolutionAB, CHS, Mistral, Al360, Gasoilcustomfins, Chris Benz Watches, Occitanie, Aude

Media: facebook @Principe Baldini ITA223 ; Instagram #princebaldini

Best Result: European Speed Champion, Outright Italian Speed Record Holder NM                              

Goal: World Record Open Water (Nautical Mile)

Motto: Forever Speed!

Why you would like to take part in the Prince of Speed: Cause I organize it!

What do you think about Plage du Rouet: The best Open Water speed spot of the Universe!! So many days over 50kts wind with pretty flat water!!!!!! Wonderland!!!!!!!!!!!!!