Rainer Motloch

Name: Rainer

Surname: Motloch

Sail Number: GER32

Age: 51

Size: 187cm x 99kg

Sponsors: SeverneSails / Starboard / HurricaneFins / addicted-sports


Best Result: 11thPOS 2018 

Goal: over 40Kts/500m

Motto: one life Live It

Why you would like to take part in the Prince of Speed: 

The first POS in 2018 was a great experience, I met super nice people all sharing the intense passion for speed sailing. It would be fantastic to be there again this year.

What do you think about Plage du Rouet: 

A magical place. One of the most beautiful and sometimes one of the most difficult speedsurfspots ever. Always very friendly locals, it feels like home away from home.

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