Name:  Roberto 

Surname:  Douglas

Sail Number: US-55

Age: 47

Size: 105 kg’s

Sponsors:  Lynch Associates, The Black Dog, Flysurfer, Cabrinha (pump) Dakine, Neil Pryde wetsuits, RD3 Racing

Media: Instagram #robbiedouglas55

Best Result:  46.6 knots 500m course record La Franqui – Mondial du 

Vent 2015 & 50.2 knots 250m course record Masirah Oman 2018

Goal:  The best Poppa in the world

Motto:  “Rig Big”

Why you would like to take part in the Prince of Speed:  

to race again in the South and see all my buddies!!

What do you think about Plage du Rouet:  

it’s the best natural speed spot in Europe and one of my most favorite places for speed sailing in the world